What You Should Start, Stop and Continue on LinkedIn

By Nigel Cliffe

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Start, STOP, Continue…

In business, what do we all need to start doing? What could we do with giving up? And what are we doing right that we should hold on to?

In her new series of guest blogs, Start, STOP, Continue…, Janet Doran Business Coach has been investigating just that. Speaking to various business experts in Yorkshire, Janet has gathered 3 important tips from each one on how to develop in one key aspect of the business world.

Now, for her Start, STOP, Continue… piece about LinkedIn and how to use it properly, Janet has come to me with those 3 important questions.

My LinkedIn Advice: What to Start, STOP and Continue Doing

In this interview, I give advice on what we should all start doing, STOP doing, and continue doing to get the best use out of LinkedIn …

  • Start: Engaging with others! Not enough people are engaging with each other on LinkedIn. Interact with other people and their content. Build your community. Join in conversations. Try to add something valuable to them.
  • STOP: Selling! Instead of spamming people to sell something they don’t want, let them come to you. Spend time sharing your knowledge with the community and building trust in your personal brand.
  • Continue…:Publishing your own content! Letting people know what you do and what you have learned. Keep going with content that attracts your target audience and brings value to their lives, preferably posting twice a week.

To read my answers in more detail, be sure to find my full interview in Janet’s blog post:

Start, STOP, Continue…. LinkedIn

Janet Doran – Business Coach

Janet Doran’s website The Positive Pen is dedicated to helping small businesses on the road to success through:

  • A winning strategy
  • Confident Leadership

To find more advice and the rest of her Start, STOP, Continue… series, visit her blog today. Take my advice and let me know what you think over on my LinkedIn!

For more in-depth advice on how to use LinkedIn the right way, check out my LinkedIn Training Course!

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