Are you aware of fake profiles on LinkedIn? Are you checking if someone looks genuine or not?

Because you should be.

There Are Spies on LinkedIn

The UK’s MI5 has warned us of spies using fake LinkedIn profiles to trick users into sharing sensitive information. These malicious fake profiles, according to MI5, have approached over 10,000 UK nationals in the past 5 years!

Now, you might be thinking, ‘But what secret information do I have, Nigel?’ You might think you have no secrets to divulge, but nonetheless, you don’t want your data scraped, do you? (Think passwords, if you want a clue …)

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has launched the Think Before You Link campaign to warn government workers in particular of the threat.

Think Before You Link advises users to focus on the four Rs:

But how do you recognise a fake LinkedIn profile?

Telltale Signs of a Fake LinkedIn Profile

Here are some little signs to watch out for on their profiles:

Is that LinkedIn profile real? The photo could be AI-generated.

— 🟣Jo Saunders // LinkedIn Connectfluence (@JoSaundersAU) April 27, 2021

TOP TIP: Remember that having mutual connections is NOT an indication of authenticity! Sadly, people you may know might have fallen for the fake Profile!

Whenever you receive a request to Connect, I reckon it’s worth spending a few seconds every time to check out their Profile. Keep an eye out for the signs I have listed above.

Always remember to be careful online and watch out for suspicious-looking folk. At the end of the day, cybersecurity could be the biggest threat to our businesses and to ourselves.

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