Who Sees My Content on LinkedIn?

By Nigel Cliffe

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Do you wonder how or why YOU get to see certain content coming into your homepage feed?

When you share content, do you know who gets to see it?

This question comes up all the time in my training sessions and whilst there isn’t a definitive answer, I’ll give you my best shot.

In short, it’s the LinkedIn algorithms that determine what we get to see in our LinkedIn homepage feed. And if anyone tells you they understand the LinkedIn algorithms, then turn around very quickly because no one can possibly understand the complexity of the algorithms. If I knew that I would be a very rich man indeed!

What Content on LinkedIn We Get to See is Affected by a Number of Things:

As you can see from the extensive list above there are many factors which will affect what content we see in our daily feed on LinkedIn.

Please don’t think that just because you are Connected with someone that they automatically get to see what you post. That is a fallacy.

If you want to improve the quality of content coming into your feed, make sure you take account of the items listed above and you won’t go far wrong.

How to See the Content YOU Want to See

It’s worth noting when I published this post over on LinkedIn B2B Editor, Author Graphic Artist Chris Morton commented sharing a workaround to ensure YOU see the content you want to see on LinkedIn, although it involves a bit of extra work.

To stay abreast of what key contacts are doing on LinkedIn, visit their Profile and click the See All Activity link there. The URL looks like this:


Chris advises that you could build out a spreadsheet of such links (making them live). You can then make the rounds visiting and engaging with each person’s content as you see fit.

Kudos to LinkedIn Lead Generation expert Crystal Thies for first introducing Chris to this neat trick!

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach, Grace Judson takes the idea one step further saying:

“You can actually bookmark those links and skip the spreadsheet step. I have a series of bookmark folders on my Chrome toolbar with the people I most want to check in on periodically.”

So, there you have it! These are the factors that determine who sees your content on LinkedIn and how you can keep an eye on the content YOU want to see.

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