Is your LinkedIn Profile your TripAdvisor equivalent?

It should be!

When it comes to me choosing a place to stay or eat, for example when I’m out and about leading LinkedIn Training sessions, I will always check out TripAdvisor.

I want to know the rating, see some photos and hear what people before me have to say about the place. That’s what led me to the fabulous Mr India restaurant in High Wycombe.

Mr India, High Wycombe, TripAdvisor, reviews, recommendations

I am worried about any restaurant in a category of my choice (usually Indian!) that doesn’t appear in the top 3 ratings as they will rarely attract my custom.

As we’re growing up, we’re taught to be our authentic selves and not to dwell too much on what other people think. However, our world is fast becoming, if it hasn’t already, full of ratings, ‘Likes’. TripAdvisor and Facebook reviews, Amazon product reviews, and client testimonials.

When people look for your services are they finding you on TripAdvisor? Of course not! It’s pointless searching for you on there as LinkedIn is the place you’re likely to be!

LinkedIn recommendation, LinkedIn, TripAdvisorSo, what do I, and indeed your target market and ideal customer, find when I/we visit your LinkedIn profile? Have you not yet turned it into your TripAdvisor equivalent?

You can still be your authentic self on LinkedIn, but what people think of you and your business does matter, as it helps determine your reputation both on and offline.

Ask yourself:

If you’re not cracking it on LinkedIn, people simply aren’t going to compelled to visit your store!

I think the day is fast-approaching that, one way or another, our personal digital brands will have a ranking. How will your profile stack up?

My youngest son says I should get a life! But nonetheless, I shared my thoughts in the above video!

I would love to hear your views too…

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