Is producing content on LinkedIn likely to be a strategy in decline?

This is pretty much what SEO expert and founder of Sparktoro, Rand Fishkin, is saying in his very thoughtful post.

Acknowledging that data on whether blogs themselves are still widely read and subscribed to is hard to come by, Rand shares his gut feeling that blog readership has fallen across the internet, despite the growth in the number of people and organisations producing blogs. He cites Orbit Media Studio’s survey as evidence that blog publishing is still popular, although the frequency of blog publishing has declined.

Reasons why blog readership and subscriptions are falling:

Rand then goes onto outline what he regards as the main reasons for the decline in blog readership and subscribers, which include:

Rand notes that the more popular the social media or aggregator platform, the harder it is to amplify content on that network (see graph below). He marks LinkedIn as being ‘high’ in terms of difficulty when it comes to amplifying content on the B2B platform.

Comparison of Content Amplification Platforms, Sparktoro, Rand Fishkin Image from:

In my opinion then, here are a few tips to thwart the decline:

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Have I missed anything? if I have, let me know over on LinkedIn!

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