Take Your Lead Generation to the Next Level With In-House LinkedIn Training

By Nigel Cliffe

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Just as you never stop learning you also never stop teaching. We all share our knowledge and skills we have picked up during our lives with the people around us every day, sometimes indirectly without even knowing it! Personally, after being a leading practitioner and LinkedIn user since 2007, I enjoy passing on my experience and sharing my insights about how businesses can use the professional networking platform to generate leads via in-house LinkedIn Training.

It’s no secret that the traditional sales funnel approach is a relic of the past, with engagement and personalised marketing now being embraced as the most effective way to build lasting business relationships. In today’s technologically connected world referrals and leads come from all sorts of different sources, including social media – having a professional and optimised presence online is no longer a luxury – it’s a matter of business survival.

Benefits of Value Exchange In-House LinkedIn Training Days:

  • Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to generate leads,
  • Master thought leadership by utilising LinkedIn as a content marketing platform,
  • Receive a detailed PDF of all the course content for future reference,
  • Get comprehensive LinkedIn profile reviews of all course attendees with improvement suggestions,
  • No question is too small or silly, big or complex,
  • All questions are answered in an eight-week post course response programme,
  • Relaxed and informal atmosphere with like-minded people,
  • Sessions are motivating and inspiring.

Course attendees can reap the rewards of learning in a team, as others ask questions you may not have thought of and can debate, discuss and bounce ideas off one another, whilst individuals benefit from the feedback I provide in personal LinkedIn profile reviews.

Even if you feel that you are fairly comfortable using LinkedIn, the in-house training day can still be a real eye opener for you, your colleagues and/or employees as this kind comment about one training session I ran illustrates:

“I thought I was a pretty proficient LinkedIn user until I met Nigel. However, I hadn’t converted any new business. Within two weeks, yes, just two weeks from my training session I converted the biggest piece of business I have ever done, entirely as a result of me being proactive on LinkedIn… I am a convert!”

To take your lead generation and networking to the next level in a fresh and dynamic way contact me today to arrange in-house LinkedIn Training for your business.

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