Why Being Active on LinkedIn Helps You To Be Found Online

By Nigel Cliffe

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I know for a fact that your LinkedIn content activity can also be found by people searching for information on Google.

In effect, you get more bang for your buck by being active here on LinkedIn! The more active and engaged you are, the more visible you are and the more potentially interested people see you – including your skills, experience, and services that you could offer them to make their lives easier.

In a recent LinkedIn Article I wrote, I noticed that my content was found via a Google Search in a matter of a few hours.

At this point, I also often say ‘Other search engines are available’!

In this very valuable post by Sparktoro’s founder Rand Fishkin, some of that search data is now available.

Although the data provided by digital marketing analysts Jumpshot shows that Google takes a colossal 62.2% share of web searches (and that’s not taking into account searches using Google Images and Google Maps), it also illustrates that social media platforms are also responsible for a significant percentage of the share of web searches. Facebook has a 1.4% share, whilst Pinterest and Twitter have a 0.5% and 0.4% share respectively.

Social media platforms share in web searches may appear small at first glance but they are still web giants when compared to other online sites and platforms, and their growth in search, as Rand Fishkin highlights have kept pace with Google’s own expansion.

Being active on social media means being found. For businesses and professionals, being active on a professional platform like LinkedIn is a must if you want your brand to be found by the people interested in your services.

The Sparktoro article is definitely worth read if, like me, search is important to you.If it isn’t – it should be! Contact me if you need to understand why.

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