How to Protect Your Business from Competitors

By Nigel Cliffe

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Viewers of this profile also viewed LinkedIn setting People often ask business and sales consultants about how to protect their business from competitors.

Now there are many answers to this question, but one such tip where LinkedIn is concerned relates to a question I get asked:

Should you have the ‘People Also Viewed’ LinkedIn setting switched on?

If you’re a curious and inquisitive person who is also active on LinkedIn (a bit like myself!) you’ll know that LinkedIn has a lot of different settings… and I mean a LOT!

One such setting is ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’.

Consider this scenario:

So, you are active and engaged on LinkedIn. (Incidentally, if you’re not engaged and active on LinkedIn, here’s how to be.)

People are viewing your profile.

Your profile is in tip-top shape.

But you have ‘People Also Viewed’ displayed on your own profile page…

Guess who that might be?

People like you.

People who do what you do.

Professionals who have similar experience and qualifications as you.

People who specialise in what you specialise in.

People who offer the same services/products as you.


Oh nooooooooo!

I’d strongly recommend turning it off.

How to Turn Your ‘Viewers of This Profile Also Viewed’ Setting Off

    1. Click on your LinkedIn Profile Photo in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Go to ‘Settings & Privacy’ in the drop-down menu that appears.

Viewers of this profile also viewed LinkedIn setting

  1. In the Privacy column/tab scroll down to:
    ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’
  2. Click on this setting to see if it is turned to ‘Yes’. If it is turned to ‘Yes’, turn to ‘No’.

Job done!

Turning this setting off may not completely protect your business against competitors, but it does give you an edge over your competitors when prospects are checking you out!

LinkedIn settings can be a bit of a mind-boggling maze to navigate. Which ones should you have on? Which ones should you ignore?

If you’d like a helping hand, my interactive and informative LinkedIn Bootcamp workshops (ideal for beginners) include:

  • Information on what are the important settings are to look out for
  • My LinkedIn setting recommendations
  • The reasoning behind my advice.

Alternatively, you can drop me an email on or call me on: +44 (0)7976 894353 and I’d be happy to give you some quick tips.

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