Three Top Tips to Increase Engagement on LinkedIn

By Nigel Cliffe

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You would be forgiven for thinking that the best way to increase the engagement of your LinkedIn content (Comments, discussions, Shares, and Reactions) is to comment and engage on other people’s content.

Largely that is the case. If you interact with certain people’s content the LinkedIn algorithm will pick up on this and show you more of their content in your homepage feed.

In turn, the algorithm is also more likely to serve your content to the feeds of those you interact with, especially if they respond to your comments on their posts.

That’s what LinkedIn is about, after all, conversations that lead to relationship building and opportunities!

However, there are also some basic things you can do to optimise your profile to increase engagement on LinkedIn.

My Three Top Tips for Deeper Engagement on LinkedIn:

1) Enlarge your headshot in your profile photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo goes very small when you engage on the platform. If you want to be recognised, keep your headshot large in the available area!

2) Maximise your LinkedIn Headline content

Managing Director at ABC Company Ltd tells me nothing! Maximise the 220 characters available for your LinkedIn Headline to attract the attention of your target audience, using important keywords and telling them how you can help them!

3) Don’t be brief in your LinkedIn About section

This is your chance to shine – the largest field to personalise a summary of you!

Tell your profile visitor about your past experiences, what you are working on now and what you wish to do in the future.

Write it in the 1st person and make it all about you and not a pitch for your company.

Enrich it with the keywords for which you’d like to be found.

Add in your contact details to improve the customer journey to your door.

This is not your CV. It is the place to begin a new relationship!

For more LinkedIn profile and strategy tips check out my videos or Connect with me over on LinkedIn!

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