“Found You Via LinkedIn Search”

You’ve seen it often, I’m sure? When you scroll to the ‘Your Dashboard’ section on your LinkedIn Profile and click on the blue number above ‘Who viewed your profile’, you’ll see who’s viewed your Profile and, in italics, underneath their Profile imagehow they found you. You can see more people who have viewed your Profile if you pay for LinkedIn Premium. I address the question, should I get LinkedIn Premium here.

Your dashboard LinkedIn, who's viewed your profile

But what does Found You Via LinkedIn Search mean?

It means someone found you after specifically searching for your name in the LinkedIn search bar. LinkedIn is, just as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are, a type of search engine or database after all. This is why it is important to make sure your LinkedIn name is accurate and reflective of your actual name, as opposed to a nickname. You’re only as searchable as you are accessible!

There are other flavours similar to “Found to Via LinkedIn Search” too.

My Who’s Viewed Your Profile Glossary

“Found you via Homepage”:

This means that someone found your LinkedIn Profile after clicking on your name from a post, comment or any link that appeared on their LinkedIn homepage feed. It’s worth noting that if the person who visited your Profile has their profile viewing options in their privacy settings set to anonymous, you won’t see that they have found your Profile from the LinkedIn homepage.

The LinkedIn homepage has undergone reformatting changes in its time, but its purpose remains the same. It is the first page you see when you first log into LinkedIn and displays posts published by your LinkedIn Connections and LinkedIn Company Pages that you follow. The LinkedIn algorithm dictates which posts appear on the Homepage. You’re more likely to see posts by Connections that you interact with often.

Similarly, you’re more likely to attract Profile views from the LinkedIn homepage if you increase your engagement with your Connections’ content, especially content they share in the news feed.

Click here to learn how to take control of your LinkedIn homepage feed or, to discover a whole host of settings hidden in plain sight that can further help you to improve your LinkedIn feed click here.

‘Found you via LinkedIn Profile’:

If you see this in the ‘Who viewed your profile’ setting, it means the person in question has found you after seeing a suggestion of your Profile on someone else’s Profile or the person is a Connection already and clicked from existing Connections.

‘Found via LinkedIn Company Pages:’

This means someone found you via a LinkedIn Page you have liked, commented on, or listed as your workplace. This is why it is important to make sure you list your place of work’s ‘official’ LinkedIn page as your workplace in the ‘Experience’ section of your LinkedIn Profile, rather than a blank LinkedIn Page that can sometimes be automatically generated by LinkedIn to represent the company you work for.

LinkedIn experience

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‘Found you via Google search’

Great stuff! This is the icing on the cake. This means the person who viewed your LinkedIn Profile searched for something on Google and you popped up. Your impact – i.e. your engagement and content creation – is reverberating around Google as well as LinkedIn. Good job!

This shows the power of LinkedIn, what you do on the platform amplifies your exposure elsewhere, helping you reach popular platforms like Google search.

Why Is This Information Useful?

It’s always handy to know who viewed your Profile and how they found you. Getting more Profile visits means more opportunities for building relationships with people relevant to you, whether they be potential clients, business partners, suppliers or employers, which is the whole point of LinkedIn! If you know how people are not finding you on LinkedIn, you can take effective action to increase your Profile Views from certain areas.

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