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The Case for eLearning on LinkedIn — or not…

A number of people ask me if I have an e-learning programme for LinkedIn.

The sad truth is I don’t, but let me tell you why:

I liken this question to learning to drive. It is possible to learn the technicalities and rules of the road by reading the Highway Code, but this in no way makes you ready and able to drive a vehicle.

Learning how to master LinkedIn is pretty much the same in my mind. Understanding the technicalities of LinkedIn does not make you a proficient user. The aim with my training is to turn people into a proficient user.

Having been a LinkedIn trainer and consultant for a number of years, I have never yet met a person who has had a successful outcome that has truly delivered results as an outcome of an e-learning programme.

I would therefore prefer to spend my time in face-to-face learning, either in person or through a one-on-one webinar. This method allows me to assess the journey so far taken to make LinkedIn training a truly profitable tool and take that person on the next step of that journey. No two sessions are ever the same.

I used to offer an e-learning programme but decided that I wasn’t confident in its ability to deliver on my promise, so this page has been deleted from my site.

If you have got this far, thanks for reading about my opinion with regard to e-learning on the LinkedIn platform.

There will, of course, be people who disagree with the above and who will have benefited hugely from such a program.

Unfortunately, that’s not what I deliver best.

If you really want to make LinkedIn deliver successful outcomes for you, and not to simply spruce up your profile, then let’s talk!

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