On LinkedIn But Not Converting Customers?

By Nigel Cliffe

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Has your new business development activity has taken a knock? With:

  • No networking
  • No meeting for a coffee
  • No informal meetings
  • No conferences
  • No exhibitions

It’s understandable but I bet you HAVE taken your connectivity online?

Has LinkedIn moved up your to-do list like it has for many others?

Is NOW the time for you to act?

(The answer is probably “yes”!)

Most business professionals have a LinkedIn Profile but frankly, in my experience, most haven’t a clue about how to use this to their advantage.

Yes, they have a half-decent profile.

Yes, they ‘Like’ a lot (‘cos that’s engaging isn’t it?!)

But are YOU converting customers as a result of your activity on LinkedIn?

What You Will Learn

In this session, I will reveal my top tips to take you from average to – well, wherever you’d like to go.

  • I will reveal the opportunities that can come about from having an optimised profile and engaging on the platform in the RIGHT way.
  • I will cover how to create a good post
  • I will teach you how to create a 99% successful connection strategy and much more!

I’ll be taking questions throughout, so bring your LinkedIn challenges!

This event is part of One Yorkshire, which is brought to you by isource/Group, Connect Yorkshire, Silcon Yorkshire, the Institute of Directors (IoD), Ad:Venture, Brand Yorkshire and The Yorkshire Mafia.

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