LinkedIn Q&A with Fleek Marketing

By Nigel Cliffe

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Now more than ever your next clients and customers are researching their next supplier or partner online. They’re looking for what YOU offer.

Are you proud of what they’ll find?

Does your LinkedIn presence make the right impression?

There has never been a better time to optimise your LinkedIn Profile and maximise the platform.

Join me as I deliver a free LinkedIn Q&A on Facebook Live alongside Jonny Ross from Fleek Marketing!

Benefit from LinkedIn tips and have all your questions answered in this fun and informative session!

The event will be held on the Coronavirus Yorkshire Business Support Group Facebook group and will be held in conjunction with Leeds based, UK Cloud Computing and Software Hosting experts virtualDCS.

The Coronavirus Yorkshire Business Support Group Facebook group is a selection of business leaders from a range of disciplines who have the humble mission to make a difference and provide support during the COVID-19 crisis. They aim to keep the Yorkshire economy strong throughout the crisis.

Their free support network is designed for any organisation that requires guidance during the crisis. The group will host live Q&As spanning all topics from Communications, finance and HR to Employment Law and IT.

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On how I can help you turn your Linkedin profile into multiple opportunities in a few hours.

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