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By Nigel Cliffe

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Who doesn’t want help to grow? I can’t imagine running a business without that desire! πŸ“ˆ

I am delighted to be supporting the Help to Grow Management Alumni program at @HuddersfieldBusinessSchool with a keynote and active workshop at their first networking event.

I’ll be talking about LinkedIn, of course, but with a twist for people and businesses that want to dig a little deeper to know how to attract your best customers through engaging on LinkedIn, helping them to grow.

This event demonstrates the benefits of getting involved with π—›π˜π—š beyond the 12-week program, it is a community of entrepreneurs that want to grow their businesses. πŸš€

Who doesn’t want a piece of that?!

To learn more about the program and join this thriving community, visitΒΒ to arrange a chat with the program facilitator,Β Katey Curtis

I look forward to meeting our business leaders of the future! 🀝


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