In Business: In-Depth LinkedIn Workshop

By Nigel Cliffe

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You’ve got your LinkedIn profile, but what do you do next to get those all-important calls or emails from potential clients?

Following on from the interactive taster session I delivered at Leeds/Bradford networking group In Business’s meeting in April, I’ve been welcomed back to give a more in-depth workshop on LinkedIn.

This session is designed to provide you with a strategy to engage on LinkedIn to generate leads.

Having the best LinkedIn profile in the world will not deliver success. The key to being successful on LinkedIn is engagement.

But what do you do? What should you post? Should you write articles? What is the etiquette? How do you turn a simple Connection into a prospective client, and what is the best way to approach a new prospect Connection?

What will you get from the event?

As well as answers to the above questions, you will leave the room knowing how to … engage, turning your LinkedIn Profile from ‘just another social media channel’ to one which might very well change your life!

This session is perfect for…

Anyone who has a client-facing role and needs to generate a positive new business pipeline.

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