Relationship-Building LinkedIn PAPI Workshop

By Nigel Cliffe

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Do you need help using LinkedIn to build better relationships and gain more business?

I’m looking forward to returning once again to Product and Process Innovation (PAPI) on Wednesday 26th May 2021 to deliver a 1-hour-15-minute session around maximising LinkedIn for your business as part of their FREE two-day workshop programme brought to you by Northern Powerhouse, the University of York and the European Regional Development Fund!

PAPI offers free professionally facilitated workshops designed to help Yorkshire businesses grow. The workshops take place over 1 month accumulating in two days’ worth of business support:

  • Before Part 1: you will enjoy the first of three mentoring sessions with innovation and business growth expert, Dr. Jo North. This will allow you to talk about your business and explore how PAPI can help you grow.
  • Part 1: a challenging group session with like-minded business owners to equip you with knowledge and innovative tools and open up your thinking about what you can do within your business. You will also benefit from another one-to-one mentoring session with Dr. Jo North.
  • Part 2: a selection of ‘pick and mix’ 1.5-hour sessions delivered by a range of business professionals throughout the month to provide you with a broad learning opportunity. Subjects covered include mastering doing business with large organisations, how to create forward-thinking online content, finance, and more.
  • After Part 2: in order to help you complete your innovation plan, Dr. Jo North will hold a final one-to-one mentoring session with you.

I don’t do dull. In this lively and engaging session I will cover:

  • How to maximise LinkedIn to achieve your goals
  • How to nurture relationships and build trust and loyalty that results in growth for your business
  • Real-life practical examples of how to develop your LinkedIn Profile

How to Book

While there’s no charge to attend, PAPI ask that you complete a short application form to make sure you’re eligible and to discover more about your business challenges so they can tailor the content to your business needs. Click ‘Register Your Interest’ on PAPI’s website.

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