Power 2020: Lifting the Lift Off LinkedIn

By Nigel Cliffe

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SVH inc, who host experimental team building events using mindfulness by providing half-day or full-day corporate retreats within Yorkshire, is hosting a half-day retreat for entrepreneurs and goal-driven minds at Hazlewood Castle in Leeds on January 17th.

I’m delighted to be speaking at the retreat organised by Valentina Hynes, helping you:


  • Understand LinkedIn
  • Improve their online visibility
  • Maximise their impact on the professional platform
  • Make LinkedIn work for them

Over 25 million people in the UK have a LinkedIn Profile, but most of them don’t know why!

In the short session, I’ll lift the lid off what can be achieved by the improved use of LinkedIn.

I will provide real-life examples of what can be achieved on LinkedIn and share top tips on how to maximise your time and effort, including improvements to your LinkedIn Profile. Ask yourself:

  1. Would you attend a face-to-face networking session inappropriately dressed?
  2. What does your LinkedIn profile tell people?!

Whatever your job role, leave this session armed with a strategy to really make LinkedIn work for YOU!

I will be answering questions throughout the session, but if you have any in advance of the session you’d like me to cover please let Valentina know by emailing: valentina@svhinc.co.uk

About the Retreat

Running from 10:30am-2:30pm the POWER 2020 retreat aims to assist attendees to stay on top of their goals, relax their tensions, banish their anxieties, boost their creativity and open their energy for a clearer focus and strengthened resilience, whilst increasing their happiness and self-awareness for optimal productivity.

You can expect:

  • Tea/Coffee and Refreshments
  • A Guided Tour of Hazlewood Castle – one of the oldest fortified houses to survive in the whole of Yorkshire
  • Mindful Session to improve resilience by Valentina Hynes
  • Reflexology Massage by LKN Therapy
  • Power Session on improving emotional intelligence, self-awareness, understanding of others, communication and collaboration skills for optimal productivity using the DISC assessment by Paul Lillywhite of Lillywhite Consultancy Limited
  • Power Session on Lifting the Lid off LinkedIn delivered by me.
  • A tasty 2-course lunch

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