8 Things to Do on LinkedIn to Be Successful

By Nigel Cliffe

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I’m excited to be giving a presentation titled “The 8 key things to do on LinkedIn to be successful – in 8 minutes!” at Yorkshire Powerhouse’s Networking event in Leeds.

The interactive session will be brimming with practical answers to all your burning LinkedIn questions!

Yorkshire Powerhouse understands that most networking events suffer as they inflict too many commitment and cost obligations or structured rules onto their members. Yorkshire Powerhouse, however, shakes things up and has a different way of doing things.

Attendees can expect a Powerhouse Networking meeting to last for 2 hours and offer the opportunity to personally dish your business cards out to more than half your fellow attendees during what they call “Powerhouse Shuffle” sessions. Attendees are then treated to three eight-minute educational Development Sessions (not sales pitches!) and a delicious hot buffet lunch.

The meetings are £30 (incl. VAT), with no membership fees. Simply book and attend and meet over forty other quality businesses whilst being renewed, educated and inspired!

For just £30.00 (incl. VAT) per meeting (there are no membership fees, just book and turn up) you will meet 40+ other quality businesses and you’ll walk out buzzing with energy, new contacts and motivation.

Note: If your business is listed in the GREAT Yorkshire Directory, the Yorkshire Powerhouse will have emailed you a discount code enabling you to claim your half-price discount for all meetings.

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