LinkedIn Training for the Advertising Industry

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LinkedIn Training for Advertisers

The advertising industry is facing huge challenges as modes of communication change on a frequent basis.

Ways in which consumer audiences seek and access information is changing rapidly. Much of our communication is moving to mobile first.

Decision-making often covers a wide range of people and disciplines and is researched increasingly online. Personal branding is rising up the stack of important things to do.

As an experienced advertising professional, you will be accustomed to the fluid and flexible nature of the industry and how professionals have to adapt the mediums and platforms they utilise in order to meet demand.

You will also be familiar with the rising importance of LinkedIn in a world where segmenting messages to target audiences is becoming the key differentiating factor in attracting the right customer – but only if you know how.

LinkedIn training for the advertising sector is key to helping agencies become successful for themselves and for their clients.

My innovative and insightful LinkedIn training will empower you and your advertising agency to unlock the potential of the influential relationship-driven, business-to-business platform to allow you to amplify your key messages to those that matter and to reach untapped groups of people.

“Nigel delivered a very insightful session for our agency. He uncovered a great deal of features that we had no idea existed. We now have a responsibility to use what we have learned for our own activities and those of our B2B clients in particular. We also have a better idea of how to use LinkedIn advertising and sponsorship to communicate with our varying target audiences.”

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How to Book Your LinkedIn Training for Advertising Professionals.

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