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LinkedIn training for the advertising sector

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The advertising industry is facing huge challenges as the modes of communication grow and change on almost a monthly basis.

As the ways our intended audiences access information and the messages we communicate rapidly evolve and change, budgets are stepping up to the mark and shifting from traditional media to digital media at a pace.

As an experienced advertising professional, you will be accustomed to the fluid and flexible nature of the industry, and how professionals have to adapt the mediums and platforms they utilise in order to meet demand. You will also be familiar with the rising importance of LinkedIn in a world where segmenting messages to target audiences is becoming the key differentiating factor in attracting the right customer, but only if you know how.

LinkedIn Profile Re-WriteLinkedIn training for the advertising sector is key to successful agencies. One only has to look to advertising’s past; the rise and continuing fall of print advertising and the boom of email marketing, which has petered out into a now over-saturated medium as our inboxes become overwhelmed with standardised emails. People now value personal advertising and LinkedIn, which is much more than a mere social network, can provide this and more.

We work with recognised industry leaders in this field to build awareness of what is possible to allow them to capitalise on changing trends of professional communication. Our innovative and insightful LinkedIn training will empower you and your advertising agency to unlock the potential of the influential relationship-driven, business-to-business platform to allow you to amplify your key messages to those that matter and reach untapped groups of people.

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