LinkedIn Training for Charities

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LinkedIn Training for Charities

Charity professionals are under tremendous pressure to seek increased funding against diminishing marketing budgets and recent adverse publicity.

Social media has brought about a new platform on which to tell your story, but against the backdrop of a great deal of competition.

Increasingly strict data protection laws are making other forms of communication even more challenging, with new obstacles to overcome and rules to navigate. So, what’s the answer?

Being active on LinkedIn creates an opportunity to build relationships directly with your existing and potential givers. Providing real-life examples and stories of the way in which your charity changes the lives of its beneficiaries, directed through the staff and ambassadors of your organisation, is an untapped resource many charities are missing out on.

You will know as an active employee and expert in the charities sector that aid and welfare organisations often rely on relatable stories that resonate with potential patrons, to inspire them to rally behind their good cause, invest in their fundraising activities and motivate them to get involved, perhaps by volunteering. Charities are often about recounting people’s real-life experiences and there is no greater platform for storytelling than interacting and sharing engaging multimedia content and articles on LinkedIn.

Our innovative and insightful, easy-to-follow LinkedIn training for charities will enable you and your organisation to benefit from LinkedIn and transform it into a powerful storytelling asset to appeal to those that matter.

I continue to work with and support a number of varied charities to develop strategies to enhance their use of the LinkedIn platform, generating brand awareness and ultimately improving donations.

By connecting with the right people on LinkedIn and growing your contact base, you’re one step closer to helping your charitable organisation reach its goals and make its noble vision a solid reality.

“Nigel was most generous in his help to guide us to understand how improved engagement could help us with our fund-raising efforts. I have to say, I was quite sceptical of this method of connecting with our potential customers, but following Nigel’s training, I am a convert. We are now winning new subscribers, entirely through LinkedIn connections. It’s simply unbelievable what has happened.”

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How to Book Your LinkedIn Training for Charity Professionals

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