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Consultants often face unique challenges in getting their skills and services in front of the right type of client.

Often working on their own, or in small groups, means that time available to spend and dedicate to social media activity is severely limited.  Many consultants, like you, might be vaguely aware of the untapped potential social media networks can bring to the business table and therefore do not wish to let effective and relevant digital marketing fall by the wayside. The question often asked though, is where should a busy consultant’s valuable, yet finite time be spent?

LinkedIn Profile WritingAll evidence would suggest that LinkedIn is the place to share engaging and thought-provoking multimedia content that demonstrates the forward-thinking thought leadership qualities that consultants have in their specialist space. LinkedIn not only grants consultants like you the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, but the chance reach people who are unknown to you yet potentially interested in the consultancy services you offer.

Being a business-to-business focused platform means LinkedIn can facilitate an easy and cost-effective way to elevate you and your services to new heights and stand out from the crowd and ‘white noise’ of other social media networks.

Through our insightful and innovative LinkedIn training for consultants, we work with professionals to define segmented types of customer prospects with whom we want to build meaningful long-term relationships. LinkedIn, if used correctly, can be an invaluable tool in sourcing prospect clients who may very well sit outside your existing connected network, prospects you will not want to miss.

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