LinkedIn Training for Events Companies

A third of event attendees can be generated through a connection strategy with the right audience through LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Training for Events Companies

Events companies often have the responsibility to find, attract and communicate with potential audiences for forthcoming events.
Finding attendees can be a long and arduous process in a world where everyone’s attention is being sought every moment of every day via advertising in all its forms. LinkedIn can be an immensely valuable tool in the process of finding, communicating and engaging with an appropriate audience for an event.

Did you know that as many as a third of event attendees can be generated through a strategy of connecting with the right audience through LinkedIn? Through utilising LinkedIn’s reach, you can leverage features such as LinkedIn groups, private direct messaging and the ability to ‘tag’ a person’s profile in your posts so they receive a notification about your event-related post, allowing you to reach like-minded and interested people.

LinkedIn provides the perfect way for you to create enthusiasm for your event by publishing engaging content to gradually build excitement among potential attendees and entice them to sign up to your guest list. However, being a popular business-to-business platform for professionals, it also enables you to position yourself as a prominent thought-leader within your field and be the go-to person for events associated within the sector you work.

Being at the forefront of people’s minds when they think about which events to attend in your industry will also stand you in good stead for sending out effective messages to your listening LinkedIn community about other business services outside events that you wish to promote in the future.

“I engaged Nigel to help me get a new event off the ground. We sorted our profiles out (even though I thought they were good, they clearly weren’t fit for purpose!) and learned how to reach out to our desired audience.

“At that first event we had 850 attendees and 37% of those came from LinkedIn communication. That says it all. Nigel gets down to the nitty gritty of the detail. We have not found this easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. But we do now have a process that delivers results. We are now managing three new events and part of our success is our ability to generate interest through LinkedIn.”

Event organiser – Yorkshire, UK.

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