LinkedIn Training for Government Departments

There are not many segments of the public you cannot advise, instruct, inform or help on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Training for Government Departments

Government departments have interesting challenges in moving quickly with the changing cultures of communication, especially through social media channels.

I have worked with senior managers to understand the complexity of audiences and how we can leverage LinkedIn to offer an alternative source of communication with those often hard to find segments. LinkedIn is also a powerful research tool, often underutilised by government departments.

If you work in or have links with government departments you will recognise the need to find a useable and effective way to communicate efficiently with a wide cross-section of society, including people operating in all types of businesses, trades and industries. Different information about various laws, industry news, changes in regulation and guidelines need to be delivered to people in various professions. An ideal way to do this is through LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn being a readily available and approachable platform accessible on all devices, there are not many segments of the public you cannot advise, instruct, inform or help. People look to government departments as a reliable and knowledgeable source of official guidance and authority. LinkedIn can help you be just that, paving the way for you to influence and have an important and positive impact on those you wish to target.

I dig deep to find the methods and approaches to distil information, remain within data protection guidelines and find new ways to reach out to target audiences. My innovative and insightful LinkedIn training for government departments is accessible and easy to understand.

My educational sessions make LinkedIn seem less daunting. I help those in governmental and local authority roles navigate the platform’s clever features and capitalise on the professional social network’s untold benefits and potential for communicating messages to the right people.

“As a government department, our roles and responsibilities are changing rapidly. Our communications with our customers are moving online at a pace we have never experienced before. LinkedIn was emerging as a new channel of importance, especially amongst the business community.

“We sought Nigel’s expert help and guidance to help us develop a strategy to maximise the use of the channel. But we got more than that. He opened our eyes to a whole new opportunity to engage and communicate with very targeted audiences. We hadn’t appreciated quite what new opportunities were available until we consulted with Nigel on the topic.

“I highly recommend Nigel as an independent voice, bringing a great deal of experience and expertise into the mix.”

Government clients I work with:

How to Book LinkedIn Training for Government Departments.

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