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Institutes of all types want to bring valued information to their members about progressing trends.

Social media is often high on the list as an effective and powerful avenue for institutions of all types to communicate important information to all members efficiently and accessibly.

With an impressive 45o million active users approximately, LinkedIn offers unlimited potential for institutes and the business world alike to connect, communicate and create content aimed at the right people- potential that often goes unrecognised, unused and undervalued.

With people of all interests and professions constantly waking up to the numerous benefits of LinkedIn and joining the social media platform’s influential and thought-leading community, LinkedIn is the ideal way to get a message across to members, being free, easy to use at a basic level and accessible on mobile devices, available while members are on the go. There is less chance of members missing the memo when LinkedIn is in the picture.

LinkedIn Profile Writing ServiceA private messaging system and groups feature allow institutes’ confidential information to be visible to those that need to know it, whilst LinkedIn Pulse, the platform’s intuitive¬†article publishing network, allows institutes to be valuable providers of insight and knowledge.

We are often selected to speak at institutes’ conferences and events and provide guided hands-on workshops to enable their members to leverage the benefits of LinkedIn to improve their personal brands and the company products and services to clients. LinkedIn provides a stage from which members can showcase their services and skills and make their mark.

LinkedIn has the highest level of interest when members are asked what subject they seek development and training on. Have you provided this education yet?

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