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Insurance professionals are quickly beginning to appreciate the power of professional branding online.

Businesses that are growing typically have a strong and thriving digital presence. Being left behind in today’s world of social media is not an option- it would leave potential clients untouched and a sea of possible business opportunitiesĀ untapped.

We work with many practices and bodies, including the CII around the country, to raise the awareness of the value that only being active on LinkedIn can create. Whether it is through imparting your many pearls of insurance wisdom via publishing articles or videos on the intuitive LinkedIn Pulse, leaving insightful comments and interacting with other people’s content or posting helpful tips within relevantĀ LinkedIn groups, you can make a positive and lasting impression to potential clients.

LinkedIn Profile WriteProspect clients can pop up from many places, sometimes the most unexpected areas of your life. That is why it always pays to have ‘feelers’ out on LinkedIn and be positioned as a knowledgeable and forward-thinking thought leader and influencer on the platform- people’s ‘go-to’ person for insurance advice and guidance if you will. With the advent of mobile phones and portable tablets and the rise of LinkedIn itself, there is no prospective client you cannot reach and impress.

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not about gaining direct sales. It revolves around developing and nurturing healthy relationships with people that may blossom into a sale later down the line after the right commitment and input from you. Our insightful and innovative LinkedIn training for the insurance sector helps you develop and improve your LinkedIn relationships with those who matter.

As traditional businesses fragment and creative industries grow clients typically research options online. Will you be found when they seek support?

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