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The legal sector is understandably very cautious when it comes to understanding and crafting a strategy around the best use of LinkedIn.

However, the growth of social media selling now has a much greater impact on professional connections than ever before and cannot be ignored or half-heartedly used. The key is to utilise it correctly, tailoring your activity on social media to your profession.

We work with practices, often spanning a number of jurisdictions, to define a safe and successful strategy to use LinkedIn to develop thought leadership and augment existing marketing efforts. Your personal brands are no longer private.

You have a responsibility to represent yourself and your practice professionally online. It is people’s first port of call when seeking legal advice these days after all.

LinkedIn WriteLegal professionals like yourself can represent themselves in a number of different ways. These methods include imparting your valuable knowledge and insight of whatever field of law, whether it be property, criminal, commercial or family legislation, that you specialise in via articles in LinkedIn’s intuitive blogging platform, LinkedIn Pulse, or by intelligently interacting with like-minded people’s content.

You can also answer people’s questions on legal matters, creating scope for them to be converted into full-fledged clients, should you develop a rapport as a trustworthy and reliable source of information with them. Meanwhile, sharing quick and helpful tips in relevant LinkedIn forum-like groups can a position you as an influential expert in your field.

Our LinkedIn training for the legal sector ensures that you stand out as the knowledgeable legal professional you deserve to be seen as and enables you to devise a safe and effective LinkedIn strategy for your practice.

Whilst the referral network will still maintain a steady flow of business, prospect clients are finding new ways to seek out the best service and support. Will you be found when and where they are looking?

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