LinkedIn Training for Recruiters

A specific and innovative course to train recruiters in enhanced search techniques to pinpoint difficult to find talent.

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LinkedIn Training for Recruiters

Can I be honest here? Recruitment consultants typically do themselves no favours on the LinkedIn platform.

The perception of many people is that LinkedIn is the place you go when looking for a new job or that LinkedIn is somehow an online CV. This could not be further from the truth. Recruiters tend to take the shortest cut to build a large audience of prospective candidates, but without thinking through the strategy that will genuinely engage with that person to build a relationship for the future.

LinkedIn is not about gaining direct sales or quick results. It is a platform which, when used intelligently, enables relationships to be created and nurtured which may lead to appointments or results later down the line. It’s about conversation, perhaps in LinkedIn groups, publishing insightful articles, sending enticing messages and interacting with content. Don’t expect immediate conversions (although you can be sometimes lucky).

What this means for recruiters like you is that using this powerful network correctly can make the difference between finding a long-lasting and successful candidate and one you might regret hiring.

I provide tailored workshops offering help to ambitious and forward-thinking recruitment consultants who wish to improve their outcomes by building a genuine connection with both long and short-term hires. And I take this further. The world of search is becoming increasingly important in almost every busy professionals’ life but never more so important than in that of a recruiter.

I have developed a specific and innovative course to train recruiters like you in enhanced search techniques which help you pinpoint difficult to find talent in ways I can guarantee you might never have explored. If you are a recruiter doing ‘business as normal’, it may very well be the time to reconsider your approach and revolutionise the way you recruit.

“I engaged Nigel to train our international team of HR heads. I felt we needed an advanced session on some of the benefits of using LinkedIn.

“We got such a lot from the session and Nigel illustrated a new way to engage with our senior hires. He also revealed a deep knowledge of search, which now helps us find candidates who are harder to find.”

VP Human Resources – USA.

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