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Retail can be as much about influencing brand ambassadors as attempting to make contact with customers directly.

We have worked with brands to improve the knowledge of goods and services inside segmented audiences for whom their product is the most likely fit. Marketing departments typically fail to see the value of the LinkedIn platform and underutilise it when considering the direction of their strategy.

Sales have always been about having relevant conversations with the right people but in the advent of social media and the rise of LinkedIn, the way in which we have these conversations has changed. LinkedIn is primarily relationship-driven and people should be seen as people, not leads to be converted into sales. People now place a higher value personal marketing and engagement and are much more likely to respond in the way you want if you interact with them as such.

LinkedIn Profile WritingLinkedIn can be daunting to those who are unfamiliar with it. Some people have been known to set up a profile on Linkedin just to follow the trend and then neglect it and forget about it. This means potential business and meaningful relationships are being lost, which is no good in retail.

We work with brand ambassadors, buyers and marketing departments to improve their knowledge of LinkedIn and to creatively increase the targeting of their message to the relevant prospect customers. Our innovative and insightful LinkedIn training for the retail sector provides golden gems of LinkedIn knowledge and tips brand ambassadors and marketers like you can take away, remember and put into action within their own businesses.

Potential clients could be searching for a retailer like you and the products you offer ¬†on LinkedIn right now. Don’t let them pass you by.

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