LinkedIn Training for Universities

LinkedIn themselves are encouraging students to get a professional profile on LinkedIn at an earlier age.

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LinkedIn Training for Universities

Universities face many challenges with the changing nature of social media and communications.
They are affected in many ways, from marketing their services to prospective students to the additional challenge of training students in order to make them work ready. Professors and academics also struggle to keep up with the latest developments in social media and the benefits that can come about by being active on the appropriate platforms.

LinkedIn themselves are encouraging students to obtain a professional profile on LinkedIn at an earlier age but not doing this in a professional manner can do more harm than good if a Facebook-type approach is taken. Although the multifaceted platform is much more than a mere online CV and job searching tool, it can be a powerful resource for graduates starting out in the world of work.

The professional online network can often be the first port of call for potential employers doing background checks on candidates. A LinkedIn profile can serve as the main professional representation of university leavers online, from showcasing their achievements via projects, links to qualifications they hold and multimedia content, to displaying recommendations and endorsements of their unique skills from trustworthy people who have first-hand experience working with them. However, LinkedIn can only represent them in the best possible light if all their information is optimised and exhibited in the right manner.

All universities want the best for their students and alumni and assisting them in being active and successful LinkedIn members stands them in unbelievably good stead when they hit the job search market, paving the way for higher employment stats and thriving careers.

I work with many departments throughout a number of universities to train and educate various audiences on the benefits of LinkedIn. It is said that new skills have a shelf-life of only five years. Are you providing the tools and knowledge to keep yourselves up-to-date?

“As a department, we were so far behind with our understanding of the benefits LinkedIn could bring. As academics, LinkedIn was never considered a priority. Before advising our students, we had to bring ourselves up-to-date.

“Nigel adapted his approach as we changed the emphasis of what we needed to know. I highly recommend him to be your consultant on all matters related to social selling and awareness.”?

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