Jeremy Meadowcroft

By Nigel Cliffe

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Nigel’s course was so valuable to me, I carry the hand-written notes I took on his training course with me everywhere I go, in the pocket of my suit jacket! Nigel, I just wanted to say a huge Thank You for your LinkedIn Training Workshop last week. For the record, your workshop, content, tools, features, tips and tricks & participant engagement was hugely valuable and a remarkable insight into the many unknowns of the LinkedIn social media platform, that we all use lightly and fail to grasp the full capabilities of. Your ability to pitch the information at the right level of depth and breadth was excellent, and I am sure I speak for all the delegates when I say we all left with a list of To-Do`s, To look into`s, To create, Source and to try numerous ways you showed us to leverage advantage from the platform to improve our businesses. You really have created a wonderfully engaging, thoughtful and enjoyable day’s workshop that is extremely valuable.
Thank You, Nigel

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