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By Nigel Cliffe

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Thanks for a very useful course. It is just what I needed to allow me to build my network and prospects. I now have a structured method of approaching LinkedIn. In each module, there was at least a couple of Golden Nuggets that I could immediately apply. It has certainly opened my eyes regarding what is possible with LinkedIn. Update: Following on from your LinkedInCredible Virtual LinkedIn Training course a few weeks ago I thought you would appreciate an update. Since implementing your guidance and being more active on LinkedIn we have secured two significant contracts which will contribute more than 50% of our target estimated turnover. One is in Houston Texas and one in Baku Azerbaijan. Both will be supported remotely. For the one in Baku, I noticed the Program Director for that region looking at my LinkedIn Profile. A few days later I got a LinkedIn message from him and a civilised chat followed resulting in the order.

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