Do You Tell Stories on LinkedIn? Here’s Why You Definitely Should!

Did I tell you the one about…?

The day I lost my wife’s wedding ring? Aarghh!

Stories are SO powerful, in life, and on LinkedIn…

Have you ever noticed what it is about people who can keep other people’s attention the most? It is their ability to tell stories – to be a raconteur.

This skill translates to LinkedIn too.

Putting things into context, inside a genuine story or experience, is the most powerful way of getting a message across.

People don’t retain facts or figures, but they do remember a story. This is why when you're wondering what to post on LinkedIn or how to post on LinkedIn, start with telling a story, either through text or video, it can be so powerful.

If this idea is something you’ve never tried before, why not give it a go?

I really did lose my wife’s wedding ring, but the story is too long to tell here. I might turn it into its own longer video one day!

What’s YOUR Story?