How to Add a Link to a LinkedIn Post to Increase Your Reach

Let the debate begin – about embedding a link in a LinkedIn Post!

Curious? Want more reach of your LinkedIn posts?

For some time now it has been commonly shared amongst LinkedIn Experts that your LinkedIn Posts will have more reach IF they do not embed an external link at the source inside the post. LinkedIn doesn't want people leaving their platform after all!

To get around this suppression, we advise using the post-edit method – adding the link as an edit immediately after you have posted something.

In this video, I show you EXACTLY what to do to make sure your post is not suppressed by those pesky LinkedIn algorithms!

However – (isn’t there always a ‘but’?!) some folks think this is not now as relevant as it used to be. I happen to think it is and all recent evidence still indicates this to me.

So, in trying to resolve this matter I wanted to invite debate:

  • What have YOU found?
  • What works for you?
  • Is this still a thing for you or do you just embed a link and see the same results?
Let me know over on LinkedIn!