The Importance of Skills on Your LinkedIn Profile…and Displaying Them Correctly!

Do have the correct Linkedin Skills displayed on your LinkedIn Profile?

Perhaps 'Microsoft' & 'Project Manager' & 'Magician' don't do you justice?!

Its a part of your LinkedIn Profile you might not have considered recently. But what features as the top 3 skills really should be those you'd like to be recognised for. Only YOU will know the best Skills to put on LinkedIn to represent YOUR experience.

If you haven't edited this field, LinkedIn will display the top three skills you have as determined by the number of times you have been endorsed for them. And that can be very random (and scary) indeed!

Take a quick look with me to see how to edit Skills in LinkedIn and what you might to do to improve things. It might just be the recognition you need to open up that next conversation. It could even increase your visibility in search results...

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