How Personal Should I Be on LinkedIn? Is LinkedIn Like Facebook?

How ‘personal’ should I be on LinkedIn? Is LinkedIn like Facebook?

“LinkedIn is becoming like Facebook” – is a comment I hear quite often.

So, what’s the answer?

I figure for the most part LinkedIn is about business-to-business relationships. But who said that business, at the same time, isn’t about personal relationships?

My key reason for posting content and engaging with others is to build TRUST in my personal brand. To do this I have to provide value, but I also want people to have an understanding of what drives me, what I am passionate about.

Therefore, it simply HAS to be personal.

However, I don’t think LinkedIn is a platform to share what I ate for breakfast, nor to share my holiday photos. I want to respect my Connections' time and only add something useful in exchange for their time.

So, I only use personality to add value, not to waste their time.

It is a delicate balance, I agree. But getting it right is really important to create trust in your brand and from there go on to build a relationship that will influence your future.