How to Message Teams Internally on LinkedIn

Are you using messaging inside LinkedIn effectively?

I'd like to share with you one of the features I really like inside LinkedIn.

When used well, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource, keeping me up to date with what’s going in my industry sector and beyond.

But I don’t keep this to myself. When I find something valuable, I will consider who else in my network would also find this useful.

Sometimes, this might be to a small group, who are bound by working together at one company, or in a group or social community.

So, I will often create a small group of people and give that group a name, inside the messaging feature, so I can quickly and conveniently send valuable resources to my listed group. One extra advanced tip – make sure people you include are happy to be included as all replies are seen by each other in the group.

Imagine searching for valuable content for a prospective customer and singling them out to send them something valuable? The trust in your personal brand rockets as you add value to the relationship.

Have you learned of other tips they’d like to share as they develop their personal brand?