The Truth About
LinkedIn Pods

1 min 49 secs

Did I ever tell you what I think about LinkedIn “Pods”?

No? Listen on…

Just in case you have not come across a LinkedIn Pod, here is a definition for you:

A 'LinkedIn engagement pod' is a group of LinkedIn members who join together to game and hack the LinkedIn algorithm to increase visibility and reach.

Some say:

“This is brilliant – what a way to get my content noticed in the feed”

“This makes me feel so good, a bunch of regular people liking and commenting on my posts”

What I think is barely printable, but I managed to control myself suitably enough in this video!

Those of you in a LinkedIn pod will no doubt be absent from comments or likes on this post, where I have published it over on LinkedIn. But I hope I make you think again. Worse still – if you are paying money to be in a LinkedIn engagement pod – ask for your money back and learn to ‘do’ LinkedIn properly. I urge you.

Do you agree with me, I wonder?

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