Should You Delete Connections on LinkedIn? If So, What’s the Best Way to Delete Them?

Should you DELETE some of your LinkedIn Connections?

My LinkedIn network is EXTREMELY important and valuable to me.

In fact, I often quote: “I am the product of the people I surround myself with, and that makes me very special”

I have been careful to consider every Connection request very carefully before adding them to my network. (I frequently don’t accept Connection requests).

I ask myself this question to determine the answer: “Can I add value to your life, or can you add value to my life?”

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you are a welcome new friend.

I don’t need connections, but I love new relationships. A BIG difference.

So, what if you have not been as careful? Have you tended to accept all incoming requests to connect? Is your LinkedIn homepage feed full of meaningless drivel? Are you not getting more of the ‘right’ requests to connect?

Then deleting some connections might be the answer.

But beware, there is a right and a wrong way! Watch my video for some valuable LinkedIn advice.