Would You Give a LinkedIn Recommendation?

Do YOU have Recent and Relevant LinkedIn Recommendations on YOUR Profile?

You do? Fab News! You don’t? Read on…

When on LinkedIn is someone going to say 'I'm pretty average at this, I've not achieved much in my life'? It's not going to happen is it?!

When I’m checking out the authenticity of a person on LinkedIn and really want to see what their influence is, I will often scroll down their Profile to take a look at their LinkedIn Recommendations.

This is where you can find what people have said about working with that person and the type of projects they have worked on together.

If I see few or none at all, or they are dated so long ago as to be pretty irrelevant now, it just makes me wonder if they are currently active in the way I imagined. At its worst, it questions my trust in their experiences.

It’s the one section on LinkedIn written by others, and not by you!

Display Recommendations in Your 'Featured' Section

Another idea to promote your recommendations is to add them to your 'Featured' section as a document, such as this:


There is a chance many people might not take the time to scroll to your Recommendations so this is another way to get the most out them, in a place where more people might get to see them!

Perhaps it’s a long time ago since you took a look at your own Recommendations section on LinkedIn? Perhaps you are looking for a new job? Perhaps you didn’t think it was that important?

Let’s put that right!