Are You Proud of Your LinkedIn Profile Picture? I Share How to Get One You Can Be Proud Of…

Are YOU making the BEST 1st impression you possibly can?

LinkedIn 101 – Your Profile Image…

Forget algorithms, forget engagement. If your LinkedIn Profile Picture doesn’t cause the right reaction, a visitor to your Profile might go no further.

What a shame!

I have to say I’m seeing a greater percentage of good Profile images, but there are still many howlers out there!

This is YOUR personal brand folks! It’s what people will see of you before emailing you, before meeting for a coffee. It’s what we do – we check out a person’s profile.

The first thing we do is eyeball the Profile Picture, right?

So, let’s go right back to basics and make sure we are ticking that box!

Let’s make that first impression the best it can be!

In this video, I help you avoid LinkedIn Profile Picture fails and share how to make a good LinkedIn Profile Picture.

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