Are Your Contact Details Up to Date on LinkedIn? If Not You Could Be the Cause of Some Howlers!

Are you making yourself difficult to get hold of on LinkedIn?! So many people are, but it’s easy to correct with the right LinkedIn advice!

Once we have accepted a LinkedIn Connection request, the contact details for each other are available on LinkedIn. But when was the last time you checked your LinkedIn contact details over?

When we engage on LinkedIn, most of us would value a prospect getting in touch, wouldn’t we?

I can tell you that so often when I go to check out a person’s contact details, they are missing something, or worse, they are quite simply wrong!

It seems pretty basic stuff to have the correct contact details visible on LinkedIn, but it’s such a common error to find that there is an incorrect email address, no telephone number, or no links to useful websites. does not cut it on LinkedIn! Make sure you display a business email address if that’s where you’d like to send people visiting your profile.

And here’s an advanced tip – how about adding your contact details to your ‘About’ section as well? That way anybody on LinkedIn who finds you can get in touch without being connected!