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LinkedIn Stories Are Set to be “Reimagined”

8th September 2021

Do you remember LinkedIn Stories? In a few weeks, you will do. That is following LinkedIn’s announcement on 31st August that they are being “reimagined”. […]

Three Top Tips to Increase Engagement on LinkedIn

26th August 2021

You would be forgiven for thinking that the best way to increase the engagement of your LinkedIn content (Comments, discussions, Shares, and Reactions) is to […]

Where Does LinkedIn Get Your Thumbnail and Page/Blog Post Title From?

30th June 2021

I admit this post is a bit nerdy, but I often get asked how I integrate a nice visual image into my LinkedIn direct messages. […]

Video: Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn for You and Your Business

10th March 2021

I was honoured to take part in an episode of Agency Local’s “Ask the Expert” video series back in January entitled “Getting the Most from […]

My LinkedIn Profile Views Experiment

17th December 2020

I have been experimenting and I wanted to share the results with you. Conclusion: Not Posting on LinkedIn Can Damage Your LinkedIn Health! Until yesterday, […]

How to Deal with Pesky LinkedIn Bot Messages!

29th July 2020

About a week ago I had a private conversation on LinkedIn. It went like this… Robert: Hello Me: Hello Robert: How are you doing today? […]

What Do You Do When Competitors Comment on Your LinkedIn Posts?

17th July 2020

You may have asked yourself: “Should I Connect with competitors on LinkedIn?” but what to do when competitors comment on your posts on LinkedIn is […]

Why Should You Establish Your Content Pillars?

5th February 2020

Have YOU established YOUR content pillars? Do you want to be noticed by the right audience? Perhaps you’re an accountant who would like to be […]

Why You Should Think Twice Before Copying Multiple People into Your LinkedIn Messages

21st October 2019

“Nigel left the conversation” A bit blunt isn’t it?! I wanted to share a valuable LinkedIn Messages tip with you. I understand that we’re all […]

What is an ALT Tag and How Can It Be Used on LinkedIn?

7th October 2019

Have you seen this new suggestion when posting images on LinkedIn? “Making your photos more inclusive” Should you care? You bet you should! In technical […]

How to Build Trust with Your Audience on LinkedIn

3rd October 2019

Are you EAT’ing on LinkedIn? Being attractive to people on LinkedIn consists of: Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness Those nouns are a mouthful, so the […]

Embrace the Background Noise of Santander’s Work Café!

22nd July 2019

There’s a new and growing trend on the horizon and I had the pleasure of witnessing the launch of this innovation in the UK. Santander’s […]

How to Post a Comment on LinkedIn: Don’t Be a Lurker!

29th May 2019

“How do I begin to start adding content on LinkedIn?” “I’m lacking confidence…” “I don’t have anything to say…” “I don’t want to offend someone…” […]

How to Write Engaging Content

20th May 2019

The default layout when viewing a person’s activity was previously ‘All activity’, but I always take a look at a person’s own posts and articles […]

How To Build Thought Leadership

15th May 2019

Back in 2016, I published a LinkedIn article titled ‘Thought Leadership. What’s it all about?’. In the article, I stated that ‘thought leadership’ was THE […]

Why Authentic Content is Best After March’s Google Algorithm Update

17th April 2019

“The Latest Google Update Slams Traditional Publishers” This is just one of the outcomes that the Google algorithm update resulted in according to D. Eadward […]

How Does LinkedIn Work?

1st April 2019

I often get asked by curious folk: “How does LinkedIn work?” “How can you generate a pipeline of business opportunities from it?” “How does it […]

How to Craft Compelling Content on LinkedIn

25th March 2019

It’s all very well being told content is key on LinkedIn, but what should we share and how? LinkedIn is the most popular channel for […]

How to Take Control of Your LinkedIn Feed

25th February 2019

A valuable LinkedIn Connection of mine, friendly and forward-thinking accountant Aimeé Hargreaves of Ultra Accountancy, recently posted the question on LinkedIn: “Nigel, I wondered if […]

What Are LinkedIn’s Real Rules of Engagement?

18th February 2019

In business, as in our daily lives, there are certain conventions we follow so that we get along with other people. These are the rules […]

Why You Won’t Be One of My LinkedIn Connections

11th February 2019

Here’s Why You WON’T Be Becoming One of My LinkedIn Connections: You haven’t personalised your message asking me to connect. People who have sent a […]

What Demonstrates ‘Depth of Knowledge’​ on LinkedIn?

8th January 2019

The first stage to engaging effectively on LinkedIn is by attracting the attention of others. Easy to say, but how do you go about doing […]

How to Conquer the Decline of the LinkedIn Post

27th December 2018

Is producing content on LinkedIn likely to be a strategy in decline? This is pretty much what SEO expert and founder of Sparktoro, Rand Fishkin, […]

How to Use LinkedIn

5th December 2018

After seeing a few posts in my LinkedIn newsfeed recently, my interest was sparked, and they got me wondering. Do people actually know what to […]

How Can I Increase the Effectiveness of My Content Marketing on LinkedIn?

15th October 2018

I get asked the question of how to make Content Marketing more effective on LinkedIn quite regularly. In fact, people ask me about it a […]

What’s the Secret Behind Successful Content Creation?

4th October 2018

How do I create engaging, helpful, valuable content? I get asked this all the time. If I knew the answer I would probably be on […]

The LinkedIn Engagement Funnel

22nd January 2018

LinkedIn is all about engagement, isn’t it? Here I demonstrate in one easy graphic how that works. LinkedIn not a place to sell, but a […]

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